DBF Manager v1.22 build 21 is released.
Published on February 1st, 2005

DBF Manager changes:

  • Improved work of ‘Partial key’ option in find/replace dialogs
  • Fixed bug with columns selecting in Columns settings
  • Fixed bug with saving column parameters
  • Fixed bug with ReplaceAll button in Find/Replace dialogs
  • Improved work with creating and altering dbf structure

DBF Manager v1.21 build 1110 is released.
Published on November 10th, 2004

DBF Manager changes:

  • Added fit columns width function in Tools menu
  • Fixed bug with restructuring tables
  • Fixed problem with posting changes
  • Completely rewrote ‘new table’ and ‘modify structure’ functions
  • Many other interface and functionality improvements and fixes

Manage DBF files using this innovative tool!
Published on November 9th, 2004

Clipper, dBase and FoxPro database administrators now have a fool-proof database editor

Database developers and administrators frequently need to edit their data, whether manually or automatically. Unfortunately, the incidents of data loss due to improper data editing are not too uncommon.

Luckily, with DBF Manager 1.21, any Clipper, dBase and FoxPro database administrators can modify database structure, view and edit memo files, re-index open index files and encrypt/decrypt database files without any risk of damaging database.

DBF Manager 1.21 is very simple and requires no training. The program is often used to view database files using ANSI or OEM character set, or to export data to csv, txt, xls, or html files.
Data import options are available as well. In addition, DBF Manager can process .ndx, .cdx, .ntx, .mdx index files and has very impressive ?search and replace? function that make editing massive databases a snap.

DBF Manager 1.21 can also help you print database structure and data, pack database records and to filter database records. The program can also perform a variety of customization tasks, like column customization and setting relations between tables. Plus, DBF Manager can work in read-only mode to prevent unwanted data alterations.

DBF Manager 1.21 is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.

The price of a single license is 39.95 US Dollars

If you have any questions, would like to request editor?s copy, want to inquire about special prices for volume buyers/software resellers, or have a business proposal, please contact Alexander A. Kardailsky at [email protected]

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DBF Manager v1.20 build 1014 is released.
Published on October 14th, 2004

DBF Manager changes:

  • Fixed bug with altering table structure
  • Fixed bug with removing duplicates
  • Improved work in exclusive mode
  • Some cosmetic improvements

DBF Manager v1.20 build 1012 is released.
Published on October 12th, 2004

DBF Manager changes:

  • Added options dialog with grid’s font properties
  • Added save position for the main window
  • Added support memo fields with jpeg images
  • Improved open dbf file dialog
  • Improved grid sorting
  • Improved expression builder
  • Improved display format for numbers with decimal
  • Some cosmetic improvements
  • Some minor bugs were fixed